Spree Time at Forever 21

Newness alert!! I recently hit up Forever 21 for some fresh new threads! School had just ended and summer has begun. I drove over to campus to return my textbooks and later decided to meet up with a friend for lunch. Panera Bread enticed my cookie addiction, so we met up there. Of course, Panera Bread is located in the mall! So, we were persuaded to take a lovely stroll through one of my favorite shopping destinations; Forever 21!

“Millennial Pink” High-Neck One-Piece

As soon as you walk in (depending on which opening of the store you enter), you see the swim section. So many one piece’s!!!! I had to pick one up!! I went with this “millennial pink,” cross back one piece. The cut is a high neck with fish netting just above the chest. The chest piece reads; “mermaid” in a shimmer, copper, foil finish and has padding built in. One thing that’s cool about this particular piece of swimwear is that the material has spf 50+ in it! 😲 Super super plus when looking for a swim piece because it adds that extra protection from the sun. You can wear this by itself to swim in, or add some jean shorts with it to make an outfit. This one-piece retails for $19.90.

Tiger Head Muscle Tee

Next, we moved over to the indie, hipster vibe room. I normally don’t find anything in this area, but it’s always worth a little look 😃, and I’m glad I did! 😉 I found this muscle tee with two embroidered tiger heads on each side of the upper chest. I loved the vibes from the tigers staring at each other, I had to have it for that gym life! The fit is a little boxy, just knot the bottom of it to show off those natural curves. This tee sells for $14.90.

Sheer Black Mesh T-Shirt with Blue and Green Reflects

We were walking in between rooms and I noticed this sheer black mesh t-shirt with green and blue reflects sitting on one of the racks getting ready to be put on the sales floor. I picked it up off the rack and I just knew I needed it in my life. I thought of so many different ways to wear it and style it with, I just knew that we were meant to be together! The shirt itself is very light and airy. It can be worn with a black bra and some black jeans, as a cover up over your swimwear, or even layered over a black or white cami. This t-shirt retails for $10.90.

Front and Back of White Lace Crop Top

Lastly, my friend and I walked over to the basics and clearance room. You always gotta hit up the clearance section guys. You never know what you’re going to find in there. As I was walking in between the racks of organized sale pieces, I crossed paths with a strapless, sleeveless, white lace crop top. The back of the top is laced with white string. When I saw this, it was only $7.99, I was like “the more the merrier!” I’m already buying these other really nice pieces of clothing, but after running into this crop top, I figured it was too cute and good of a deal to pass up. The price of this crop top was originally $17.99.

You guys! Forever 21 had some really cute new stuff! Of course, I couldn’t buy the whole store!! But the items that I managed to grab were some of my favorites from what I had saw. It’s the end of the semester, hard work needs to be rewarded!! Go all out and shop till you drop!!


Fashion Vibin’

Fashion is like a window to one’s soul. As we choose outfits to wear and show off to the world, we are also choosing what vibes we want people to perceive us with. Fashion is all about expressing yourself. The moment you buy those brand new threads and wear them out and about, you are telling a story. You are telling the world who you are, where you came from, and where you are going. Every outfit has a story. Here is mine…

While thinking about what I want to wear for the day, I ask myself: “Do I want to feel strong? Do I want to feel girly and cute? Do I want to feel classy and sophisticated? Do I want to feel casual and relaxed? Or maybe I want to show off all these things at once” I think about where I came from, who I want to be, who I am, and what I want to be perceived with. We all have different sides to our personalities. We all have goals and dreams. A past, present and a future. “What part of my inner self do I want to present?”

As I think about it, wearing clothes is like wearing your heart on your sleeve, literally. Specific clothing articles represent key aspects of your heart’s desires, wants, needs, loves, and feelings.

When choosing my ootd, I try on a couple different things that suggest different vibes. For example, I try on things that show my athletic side, like tanks and leggings. Or, I’ll try on a dress to show off my girly side. Whatever I wake up to and feel comfortable in, I will wear for the day. Sometimes I will show off a mix of my personalities. For example, I will try on a tank with the leggings, but decide that I feel more comfortable in a skirt instead of leggings. Therefore, I’m mixing athletic and girly vibes, athletic from the tank and girly from the skirt.

Overall, ensemble vibin’ can be very broad, yet symbolizes specific aspects of an individual’s personality. When choosing different outfits to wear for the day, think about how you want to be characterized. Vibes are impressions. But, most importantly vibes tell a story. Happy ootd choosing!