Camo Cameo


Camo Bra Top

You’re flipping through magazines and social media websites. You begin to wonder what that mix of greens with occasional brown and black pattern is that’s hitting up fashion’s newest trends. It’s camouflage and the pattern is used on multiple clothing pieces such as, dresses, pants, shirts, bra tops, jackets, shoes and even snapbacks. Camouflage print is all the craze right now. The dark mix of colors makes the body look slimmer, hence “camouflage.” Wherever the camouflage print is featured, whether it be a bra top or jacket, it’s most likely going to be the main piece that you want to make stand out. You don’t want to have too much going on, therefore just keep it simple. The key is to only apply neutrals with camouflage print. Here are a few ways that camouflage can be worn.

Try pairing a camouflage bra top with some sweat pants, jeans, leggings, or pants. When you pair a bra top with pants, the outfit shows off just enough skin without over doing it. The camouflage bra top gives off a strong feel and makes the outfit look sporty.

Keepin’ it Neutral

When the camouflage print is on pants, you want to keep everything else neutral. Say you wanted to emphasize the green in the pants, try wearing a black or white top, black shoes, and a black purse. When mixing black or white pieces with camouflage, the mix of greens and browns really standout due to neutral colors. 

Camouflage jackets can be worn with some jeans or leggings, crop top or tank top, and some boots. If you decide to wear jean shorts with a camouflage jacket, try pairing them with neutral colored over-the-knee boots. The boots will make the outfit look strong and fierce, they will have you slaying in no time.  

If basic neutrals aren’t doing the job for you and you want something that’s a little flirtier, try pairing camouflage with some lace. Say, a white lace crop top with some jeans and a camouflage jacket will do. The balance between flirty and sporty chic comes when lace and camouflage collaborate together.

Camouflage print can be seen as fun, flirty, fierce, sporty, it just depends on how you wear it. The print is universal, it can be worn in many different ways with different style perspectives.