Retailer’s Fashion Trucks Attracting Business from College Students

By: Courtney Salinger and Jennifer West

Aerie, a chain store that sells loungewear, casual wear, shoes, and accessories for both men and women, drove their truck to the University of New Mexico on September 17 and 18, 2018. The Aerie truck came to sell clothes and accessories and promote new merchandise, such as their new Real Me collection, which is a lingerie collection. The fashion truck parked between UNM’s Student Union Building (SUB) and the Zimmerman Library and was full of students. Aerie was giving away popcorn to students and also set up a sack toss game for students to enjoy. Associates were inside and outside of the truck to be ready to help customers when needed. These fashion trucks coming to campus makes shopping easily accessible to students while keeping the store in business by making additional sales on campus.

“It’s easily accessible and you can get a feel for it and maybe they’ll want to go get more” says Iris Gonzales, a UNM student and Aerie employee, talking about how trucks coming to campuses can encourage more students to visit the store and how the store is now easily accessible to students.

UNM student and Aerie employee, Iris Gonzales. Photo by: Courtney Salinger.

Aerie provided 40% off of merchandise when students sign up to be a rewards member of Aerie and made a purchase from the truck. In addition to the discount, every order over $75 received a free Aerie yoga mat. Merchandise prices range from $10 to $75.

The Aerie fashion truck visited UNM on September 17 and 18. Photo by: Courtney Salinger.

“It’s pretty nice, especially with the 40% off. I think a lot of people used to go to Victoria’s Secret but now Aerie opened up, it’s cheaper and has a lot of really cute stuff, so I would say yeah, people are willing to go visit Aerie in the mall after seeing the truck,” says UNM student and Aerie truck customer, Jaylynn Bulsterbaum.

“I think it’s really nice because a lot of people have the college kid budget and a lot of us don’t have the money to spend it on the more expensive stuff, so the price point and the 40% off is actually really interesting to me.” says Kylie Dorsey, a UNM student and Aerie Truck customer. Dorsey says that if the store continues to provide discounts, she will be more persuaded to check out the store knowing that she will save more money as a student. Dorsey also says that it is possible that more stores will send out trucks to come visit college campuses more often if it does well and if it positively affects their business by getting more sales and customers. “They’re going to possibly realize that the student community is a really big community and that if they can give us discounts, they’re going to get more business.” says Dorsey.

This is not the first time a fashion truck has stopped by the University of New Mexico. Victoria’s Secret’s PINK, which also sells loungewear for women, has had University of New Mexico as a stop on their bus tour. PINK also came to the campus again on Thursday October 4, 2018 to promote their merchandise.

The Aerie truck featured an activity where students can sit down to make do-it-yourself roller balls for the Bright Pink charity, which helps support women with breast and ovarian cancer. “The roller balls are a really good incentive for students too. People seem to be enjoying it, even if they only donate a dollar.” says Gonzales.

Bringing fashion trucks to college campuses can be a way for a company to promote the store by getting the students interested to visit the store or their website to purchase items. Fashion trucks on college campuses are also able to easily connect with college students by bringing the store to the students instead of having students come to the store, which makes it convenient for students when they have spare time on campus.

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Survey on the mobile retail business industry

by American Mobile Retail Association

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To learn where Victoria’s Secret or Aerie’s next campus visits are going to be, check out their facebook pages.

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